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日本は私たちに扉を開いて - Japan's Entry Ban and how it's affecting students!!

English follows the Japanese 日本語を学ぶ人は世界に 300 万人以上おり、その中で日本留学を目指す人は年間で約 4 万人、学習者 の1%に過ぎません。その貴重な人たちが、コロナ禍の入国制限に阻まれ、来日できずにいます。彼ら の多くは、何年もかけて日本留学を目指し準備を進めており、これから日本の一員あるいはパートナー となる人たちです。

コロナ禍にあっても、日本と中国(2021 年 8 月解除予定)を除く国々では留学生受 け入れが着々と進められています。こうした現状を鑑み、日本留学を目指しながら入国できずに待機し ている多くの若者の声を届け、日本が留学生受け入れへと進むことを心より願い、下記の通りオンライ ンセッションを開催いたします。

目的 :コロナ禍において日本留学を希望する留学生の入国を実現するための活動を行うこと

概要 :海外在住の日本留学を希望する学生と在日の受け入れ関係者とのオンライン

--- Approximately 3 million people across the world are studying Japanese and about 1% of them aim to study in Japan each year. Due to Japan’s border closures in response to the COVID-19 crisis, these students have been unable to come to Japan for most of 2020 and 2021. Many of these young people have been waiting to enter since April 2020 after years of careful preparations and in some cases even after quitting their jobs or giving up their homes. The purpose of these students is to learn Japanese or study in Japan in order to form meaningful relationships with the country and its people, which ultimately benefits the Japanese economy and intercultural relations with the rest of the world. We have launched hoping to share these students’ stories with the Japanese government in order to encourage a discussion about safe entry for people whose lives have been on hold and who are waiting for answers. Throughout the pandemic, many countries have continued to allow students to enter with proper precautions and no clusters have been generated from foreign students. We hope foreign students will once again be allowed to enter Japan to continue or start their studies. Education is not tourism. Our objective is to carry out activities to realize the entry of international students who wish to study in Japan.





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